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Subhash nagar, Clement town Dehradun, (UK) India

Address ICon


Address ICon



Basic Self Management (BSM)

The course aims at improving personality of a person with skills of time management and self realization.


Duration:45 days

Frequency:6 days a week /1 hour a day

Interactive Self Management (ISM)

The course is a complete life style management system.

At the end of the course a student will look at the world with a different perspective.


Duration:60 days

Frequency:5 days a week /2 hours a day

International Business Ethics (IBE)

The course aims at providing students with the knowledge of social and business etiquettes, confidence building, Cultural understanding and ethos.


Duration:45 days

Frequency:5 days a week /2 hours a day

Motivation (MON)

A unique course aimed at motivating the students and getting the targets achieved. If you are finding that you or your staff is not able to achieve the set targets or even the school going students not able to get the desired results then this is what you are looking for.


Duration:5 days

Frequency:Saturday / 2 hours

Comprehensive Secretary / PRO programme (CSP)

The aim of the programme is to develop Public Relations and Secretarial skills along with computer literacy. It is an excellent programme for job seekers not having technical qualification.


Duration:90 days

Frequency:5 days / 1 hour

Note: Courses may be customized as per the requirement of the company or group.